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Monday, October 13th, 2008
8:40 pm
Dancing With the Stars Drinking Game
Dancing With the Stars Drinking Game


1. You throw your drink at whoever is holding the remote until they change the channel from Dancing With the Stars.
2. Repeat as necessary.
Friday, September 26th, 2008
8:06 am
Sunday, September 14th, 2008
9:32 am
Go Steelers
The Pittsburgh Steelers face the lowly Cleveland Browns today Sunday, September 14 at 8:15 pm. Steelers will roll to another victory. Here is how a typical Browns fan get's ready for the Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers game:
1. Smoke crack. Place pipe and meth in pocket for halftime treat.
2. Listen to Browns fans theme song "Dueling Banjos" on 1980's Sony Walkman.
3. Put on sunglasses to hide emptiness that can be seen in your eyes because of a dreary existence.
4. Drive twice stolen 1976 Chevy to game. Dodge bullets.
5. Watch while elderly woman gets assaulted.
6. Take prescription pills that fall from elderly woman's purse.
7. Drive past group of hookers. Note address to send mother and sister Christmas cards.
8. Wave as you pass the county jail. Figure if you knew who your father was, he is most likely there.
9. Ask vendor if you can use food stamps to buy stale popcorn.
10. Get drunk in parking lot prior to game talking to Steelers fans that have jobs and can afford beer.
Thursday, September 11th, 2008
12:30 pm
Changing Parties
Email going around.................

I was talking to the daughter of a friend of mine. She said she wanted to be President some day. Both of her parents, liberal democrats, were standing there, so I asked her, 'If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?' She replied, 'I'd give houses to all the homeless people.'

'Wow - what a worthy goal.' I told her, 'You don't have to wait until you're President to do that. You can come over to my house and mow my lawn, pull weeds, and sweep my driveway and I'll pay you $50. Then we'll go over to the grocery store where a homeless guy hangs out and you can give him the $50 to use toward a new house.'

She thought that over for a few seconds 'cause she's only 6, and while her Mom glared at me, she looked me straight in the eye and asked, 'Why doesn't the homeless guy come over and do the work and you can just pay him the $50?'

I said, 'Welcome to the Republican Party, sweetie'

Her folks still aren't talking to me.
Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
11:21 am
Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
2:38 pm

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
7:14 pm
Should you be concerned about Dihydrogen Monoxide?

Should I be concerned about Dihydrogen Monoxide?

Yes, you should be concerned about DHMO! Although the U.S. Government and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) do not classify Dihydrogen Monoxide as a toxic or carcinogenic substance (as it does with better known chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and benzene), DHMO is a constituent of many known toxic substances, diseases and disease-causing agents, environmental hazards and can even be lethal to humans in quantities as small as a thimbleful.

Research conducted by award-winning U.S. scientist Nathan Zohner concluded that roughly 86 percent of the population supports a ban on dihydrogen monoxide. Although his results are preliminary, Zohner believes people need to pay closer attention to the information presented to them regarding Dihydrogen Monoxide. He adds that if more people knew the truth about DHMO then studies like the one he conducted would not be necessary.

A similar study conducted by U.S. researchers Patrick K. McCluskey and Matthew Kulick also found that nearly 90 percent of the citizens participating in their study were willing to sign a petition to support an outright ban on the use of Dihydrogen Monoxide in the United States.
Friday, January 12th, 2007
6:31 pm

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
8:28 pm
A man walked into a very high-tech bar. As he sat down on a stool, he noticed that the bartender was a robot. The robot clicked to attention and asked "Sir, what will you have?"
The man thought a moment, then replied, "A martini, please".
The robot clicked a couple of times and mixed the best martini the man had ever had.
The robot then asked, "Sir, what is your IQ?"
The man answered, "Oh, about 164."
The robot then proceeded to discuss the theory of relativity, inter-stellar space travel, the latest medical breakthroughs, etc...
The man was most impressed. He left the bar, but thought he would try a different tactic. He returned and took a seat.
Again, the robot clicked and asked what he would have. "A martini, please."
Again it was superb.
The robot again asked, "What is your IQ, sir?"
This time the man answered, "Oh, about 100".
So the robot started discussing NASCAR racing, bass fishing and what to expect the Steelers to do this weekend.
The guy had to try it one more time. So he left, returned and took a stool.... Again a martini, and the question," What is your IQ?"
This time the man drawled out "Uh.....'bout 50."
The robot clicked, then leaned close and very slowly asked,
"A-r-e y-o-u-r p-e-o-p-l-e r-e-a-l-l-y g-o-i-n-g t-o n-o-m-i-n-a-t-e H-i-l-l-a-r-y-?"
Saturday, December 16th, 2006
8:36 pm
Professional E-recruitment Coordinator

Gannon University, a Catholic university, invites applications for the position of E-recruitment Coordinator for the Admissions Office. Reporting to the Admissions Technical Manager, the successful candidate will perform a variety of duties in the development, implementation and management of an electronic recruitment strategy for both undergraduate and graduate admissions. Responsibilities include: management of the recruitment-based web site (Active Admissions software) to assist with prospective student recruitment; assist in the development of an electronic recruitment strategy; implement web design improvements; recognize higher education e-recruitment trends and explore opportunities to expand current technological bases; assist with developing department web pages and coordinating departmental emails for prospective students; and perform other duties as required. Occasional evening and weekend hours are required. Must be able to support and promote the University’s mission. Requirements include: a bachelor’s degree and background in web applications and public relations; additional higher education experience is preferred; working knowledge and proficiency in Microsoft applications (word processing, spreadsheet use), creative web design, and graphic design; Photoshop and HTML experience as well as knowledge and use of digital camera and scanner are required; Flash would be helpful. Must be highly motivated and enjoy working collaboratively as a team member. Gannon University is an Equal Opportunity Employer that encourages diversity and invites women and members of underrepresented groups to apply. Application procedure: Submit a cover letter, resumes, and the contact information for three professional references to: Gannon University, E-recruitment Search, 109 University Square, Erie, PA 16541-0001. Review of resumes will begin immediately and this position will remain open until filled.
Monday, December 11th, 2006
7:44 pm
Letters to Santa
Deer Santa,
I wud like a kool toy space ranjur fer Xmas.
I'v ben a gud boy all yeer.
Yer Friend, Billy

Dear Billy,
Nice spelling. You're on your way to a career in lawncare. How about
I send you a book so you can learn to read and spell?
I'm giving your older brother the space ranger. At least HE can spell.


Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl all year, and the only thing I ask for is peace and joy in the world for everybody!
Love, Sarah

Dear Sarah,
Your parents smoked pot when they had you, didn't they?


Dear Santa,
I don't know if you can do this, but for Christmas, I'd like for my mommy and daddy to get back together. Please see what you can do.
Love, Teddy

Dear Teddy,
Look, your dad's banging the babysitter like a screen door in a hurricane. Do you think he's gonna give that up to come back to your frigid mom, who rides his ass constantly? It's time to give up that dream. Let me send you some Legos instead.


Dear Santa,
I want a new bike, a Playstation 2, a train, some G.I. Joes, a dog, a drum kit, a pony and a tuba.
Love, Francis

Dear Francis,
Who names their kid "Francis" nowadays. I bet you're gay. I'll set you up with a Barbie.


Dear Santa,

I left milk and cookies for you under the tree, and I left carrots for your reindeer outside the back door.
Love, Susan

Dear Susan,
Milk gives me the shits and carrots make the deer fart in my face when riding in the sleigh.
You want to do me a favor? Leave me a bottle of Scotch.


Dear Santa,
What do you do the other 364 days of the year? Are you busy making toys?
Your friend, Thomas

Dear Thomas,
All the toys are made in China. I have a condo in Vegas where I spend most of my time making low-budget porno films. I unwind by drinking myself silly and squeezing the asses of cocktail waitresses while losing money at the craps table. Hey, you wanted to know.


Dear Santa,
Do you see us when we're sleeping, do you really know when we're awake, like in the song?
Love, Jessica

Dear Jessica,
Are you really that gullible? Good luck in whatever you do. I'm skipping your house.


Dear Santa,
I really want a puppy this year. Please, please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE could I have one?
Love, Timmy

Dear Timmy,
That whiney begging shit may work with your folks, but that crap doesn't work with me. You're getting a sweater again.


Dearest Santa,
We don't have a chimney in our house. How do you get into our home?
Love, Marky

Dear Mark,
First stop calling yourself "Marky", that's why you're getting your ass whipped at school. Second, you don't live in a house, you live in a low-rent apartment complex. Third, I get inside your pad just like the boogeyman does, through your bedroom window.
Sweet dreams,
4:25 pm

ERIE, PA - Gannon University President Antoine M. Garibaldi, Ph.D. has announced the hiring of former Saginaw Valley State assistant head coach Jim Kiernan as the school’s new head football coach. He becomes the fourth head football coach in Gannon’s history.

Kiernan will be formally introduced to the Gannon community at a press conference Tuesday, December 12 at 3:15 p.m. in Old Main’s Boardroom, W. 6th Street.

A proven winner in the rugged Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC), Kiernan has spent the last eight seasons as the Saginaw Valley State assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. The Cardinals were 69-24 (.742) overall and 62-17 (.785) in GLIAC contests during Kiernan’s tenure. The program advanced to the NCAA Division II Tournament five times in the last seven seasons, including three trips to the Elite Eight. SVSU was ranked among the nation’s top 25 the last seven seasons and rose to the No. 1 ranking in the country during the 2003 campaign.

“Gannon is pleased to welcome a head football coach of the caliber of Jim Kiernan. His record of success is outstanding, and his experience will help our student-athletes perform well in the classroom and on the playing field,” said President Antoine M. Garibaldi.

In 2006, Kiernan guided a Saginaw Valley State offense that ranked second in the GLIAC in passing offense (242.3 ypg), third in scoring offense (26.9 ppg), and fourth in passing efficiency (142.6).

Saginaw Valley State has ranked among the GLIAC’s top three in both scoring offense and passing offense during each of the last five seasons. The Cardinals had the GLIAC’s top passing offense three times (2002, 2004, and 2005) during that span. SVSU set a school record with 479 points in 2003.

“Jim brings experience, enthusiasm, and integrity to our football program,” noted Director of Athletics Bill Elias. “He has proven to be committed to our Mission statement and we are excited and anxious to work with Jim.”

Kiernan previously served as the offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, wide receivers coach, and strength and conditioning coordinator at Division III Lakeland (Wis.) College during the 1998 season under current Saginaw Valley State head coach Randy Awrey. He then moved to Saginaw when Awrey accepted the head coaching position in 1999.

Kiernan guided Lakeland to national rankings in total offense (13th), passing offense (15th), and scoring (24th).

The Queens, N.Y., native has also been the offensive coordinator at Mercyhurst College (1995-97), outside linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator at Alabama A&M University (1994), and offensive coordinator at Kentucky Wesleyan College (1990-93).

Kiernan was a four-year letterman at his alma mater, St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y. In high school, he played for one of the top teams in the metro New York area at St. Francis Prep, where he earned two varsity letters.

Kiernan earned a B.A. in Economics from St. Lawrence in 1990. He and his wife, Colleen, were married in 2004.
2:38 pm
The first 50 donors who come and give blood to the Community Blood Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania on Tuesday get a set of three limited edition Erie lithographs from nationally known artist Kevin-John Jobczynski as the "Season of Giving" continues. Kevin-John Jobczynski will be on hand from 11:30 to 2pm to personalize donors' lithographs and will be available to give interviews.

Donors all week can enter to win a prize pack from Kevin-John Jobczynski that includes an autographed lithograph of the Steelers Super Bowl MVP Heinz Ward.

"A lot of people, particularly Steelers fans are excited about this week's Season of Giving raffle!" Said Dan Desrochers, Director of Public Relations at the blood bank. "We are so grateful for Kevin-John's tremendous support during this difficult time for us."

All donors are strongly encouraged to donate at the Community Blood Bank, 2646 Peach Street. Community Blood Bank is open from 9a.m. 6p.m. Monday through Friday and until 7:30pm Tuesday night and Saturday 9a.m.-12:30 p.m. Photo ID required.

Dennis Weed
Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
6:29 pm
Presque Isle Downs will hold a job fair Saturday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Ambassador Conference Center in Erie. Apply online and you might be hired by then. The slots machine only casino and thoroughbred race track located at the intersection of I-90 and Route 97 (Exit 27) will be opening in mid February.
Saturday, December 2nd, 2006
12:17 pm
The 24th edition of the McDonald's High School Basketball Classic will be held in Erie on Friday, January 12 and Saturday, January 13, 2007 at Gannon University's Hammermill Center. This year’s event features nationally renowned programs from California and Ohio, featuring rosters replete with top-ranked players.

The field is highlighted by the appearance of two of the most renowned players in Classic history. Delvon Roe, a 6’7” wing player for St. Edward of Lakewood, Ohio, is currently ranked as the #2 player in the junior class by PrepStars Recruiter’s Handbook, and is regarded as one of the best players in the nation regardless of class. Dallas Lauderdale of nearby Solon, Ohio, also is slated to perform, and the 6’10” explosive athlete is on everyone’s list of top centers in the nation.

Also entering the field for Classic 2007 is vaunted Westchester High of Los Angeles, California. The Comets, competing in their third McDonald’s Classic, are annually one of the nation’s top interscholastic programs.

The Classic will tip-off on Friday, January 12, with a first round, 7:00 PM match-up between Westchester and St. Edward. The 8:30 PM nightcap will feature Solon High and the host team Cathedral Prep.

St Edward is making their second appearance in the Classic, having won the title back in 1997. Head Coach Eric Flannery has been guiding the Eagles for eleven seasons and boasts of a 177-60 record including seven District titles, four regional crowns, and one state championship. His top players include current professionals Sam Clancy (USC), Jawad Williams (North Carolina), Steve Logan (Cincinnati), and Steve LePore (Wake Forest).

Also coming from neighboring Ohio is Solon High, featuring 6’10” All-American Dallas Lauderdale, who will play next season for Ohio State. The Comets are coached by highly-successful mentor Todd VanReeth, who in an 18-year career has compiled a 302-120 record, including a 92-29 record with Solon. His squads at Solon have won four league titles in the last six seasons, and have twice been a regional finalist.

The other visiting squad always brings impressive credentials and high aspirations for national championship recognition. Westchester High was California’s AAAA State Champions in 2005 and will feature 6’7 Dane Suttle, the reigning Los Angeles player of the year and junior Oscar Bellfield, who has been offered a scholarship by USC. The Comets are hoping their third trip to Erie ends with their second Classic crown.

Making a return to the Classic for the 24th consecutive year will be the Cathedral Prep Ramblers who are under the direction of head coach Brian Flanagan, who has gone 48-11 in his two seasons on the bench.

In his first season in 2004-’05, he led the Ramblers to the Final Four in Pennsylvania with a banner record of 26-5, the fourth highest win total in school history. The Ramblers return just one starter from a year ago in junior Mark Blazek, but also have three seniors who saw regular minutes in guards Josh Licata and Ryan Heidt, along with center Jeff Wisinski.

Reserved tickets, scaled at $12.50 per night, go on sale in Prep athletic office on Monday, November 20th until November 23rd, 2006, for season ticket holders only.

General admission tickets cost $7.00 per night in advance for adults and $5.00 in advance for students, and will go on sale to the general public on November 29th, 2006. Any remaining reserved tickets will also be on sale beginning on Wednesday, November 29th at the Cathedral Prep athletic office. General Admission tickets will be available on the same date at the Erie Sport Store, the Avalon Hotel, Dee’s News, and select McDonald’s Restaurants while they last.

No phone orders will be accepted, and no tickets can be held. Another sell-out crowd is expected, so fans are encouraged to buy their tickets early.





McDonald’s Classic, P.O. Box 6112, ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA 16512-6112

Voice 814-392-1599 Fax 814-836-0463
e-mail: McDonaldsClassic@aol.com
Friday, December 1st, 2006
6:36 pm

Top Real Estate Agents
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
7:23 am
This Saturday, Nov 18, will be a Free Admission Day at the ExpERIEnce Erie Children’s Museum in celebration of National Chemistry Week 2006. The museum is intended for kids 2-12.

The museum is located at 420 French St in Erie, and will be open from 10 am until 4 pm that day. Free admission is made possible by the member institutions of the Erie Section of the American Chemical Society: Penn State Behrend, Allegheny College, Edinboro University, Gannon University, Mercyhurst College, and University of Pittsburgh at Titusville.

From 11 am until 2 pm, Tracy Halmi, lecturer in chemistry at Penn State Behrend and chairwoman for National Chemistry Week programming nationwide, along with student members of ACS, will be at the museum to present chemistry demonstrations and hands-on activities. The theme of this year’s program is “Your Home—It’s All Built on Chemistry.”
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
5:42 pm
I drive a Toyota Corolla.

Corolla is a Japanese word meaning a vehicle which, unless there is a direct head wind, has the aerodynamic properties of a brick wall or a Wiffle Ball depending on the exact direction of the wind.

Saturday, October 28th, 2006
1:01 pm
The City of Erie received a $82,900 state grant and a $65,000 federal grant to build a skate park in Erie at Bayview Park. That was over 2 years ago. Nothing has been done to actually build it.
City Councilwoman Jessica Horan-Kunco has put together a meeting scheduled for November 1 at 4:30 pm for the Proposed Skatepark.
If you support the skatpark, please add your name to the peition.
Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
7:13 pm
PA Gaming Control Board Approves 6th Conditional Operator License
Posted on : Wed, 25 Oct 2006 20:20:00 GMT | Author : Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
News Category : PressRelease

HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on its initial award of five operator licenses in September, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board today unanimously approved the application of Presque Isle Downs Inc. for a sixth gaming operator license under the Race Horse Development and Gaming Act of 2004.

All six approved licenses are associated with horse-racing tracks that are operating or under construction across the Commonwealth. Three of the approved entities have indicated that they expect to begin gaming operations between November 2006 and January 2007.

"Today's license approval continues the momentum we began building a month ago," said Tad Decker, Chairman of the Gaming Control Board. "Pennsylvanians will soon begin to enjoy the benefits envisioned by the Governor and the Legislature when Act 71 became law in 2004: lower property taxes, new jobs and a reinvigorated horse-racing industry."

Under Act 71, the Gaming Control Board is authorized to award 14 slot- machine gaming licenses to facilities across Pennsylvania. Seven Category 1 licenses are authorized for horse-race tracks, though only six of the conditional licenses have been applied for.

The Board plans to act on all permanent licenses for Category 1 facilities before the end of the year along with five Category 2 licenses for standalone slots facilities - two in Philadelphia, one in Pittsburgh and two at tourism- enhanced locations across the state - and one Category 3 license for existing resorts. The recent withdrawal by the Seven Springs Resort has left a second Category 3 license available, and the Board expects to announce a timetable for applying for that license in the future.

In separate votes, the Board today also voted unanimously to approve licenses for Mikohn Gaming Corporation and DigiDeal Corporation to be manufacturers of slot machines and associated equipment in the Commonwealth.

CONTACT: Doug Harbach

(717) 346-8321

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
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